OHS Policy

This document sets out the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)  requirements and the company’s commitment to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. 

Objectives - Policy statement 

  • Mobile Kitchens Pty Ltd (“The Company”) is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for staff in company offices and other workplaces, where required, in accordance with its legislative obligations. 
  • The company is also committed to injury management aimed at the early and safe return to work of injured staff, in accordance with its legislative obligations. 
  • The company is committed to regular OHS consultation with staff and their representatives and, where necessary, with contractors and suppliers of equipment and services, to ensure that occupational health and safety management is of the highest standard. 
  • The company has a comprehensive range of strategies and programs available to staff to support their health, safety and wellbeing and the return to work of ill or injured staff, including ensuring training and instruction is provided to staff commensurate with their roles and responsibilities to enable them to comply with this policy. 
  • The company has systems and procedures in place to ensure implementation of this policy. 

Audience and applicability 

  • This policy applies to employees of Mobile Kitchens Pty Ltd and contractors while visiting or conducting business in company workplaces & other designated work areas and while participating in authorised company activities outside of company workplaces. 


  • The company’s OHS policy involves implementing occupational health and safety to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all. 
  • This policy is in accordance with the relevant state & federal Acts & Regulations 

Responsibilities and delegations

  • The Directors & General Manager will ensure that OHS responsibilities are appropriately defined and that staff receives the training and resources they need to carry out their OHS responsibilities competently. 
  • The Director(s) of Mobile Kitchens acknowledge that they have a primary responsibility for the health and safety of those who work under their direction. 
  • All managers have a duty to provide and maintain, as far as practicable, a working environment and conditions that are safe and without risks to health.
  • Employees will: 
    • Comply with their obligations under the OHS Act
    • Take reasonable care to ensure the health and safety of themselves, and others under their supervision at work. 
    • Cooperate with the company as far as necessary to enable compliance with any requirement under the OHS Act, including with any reasonable instruction or direction given by a director or workplace manager. 
    • Contribute to the company meetings its OHS strategic plan and performance levels by complying with OHS procedures.
    • Assist the company with its OHS obligations by reporting and recording all incidents (including incidents of violence or bullying) and hazards that may cause injury or illness (including damage to facilities or equipment requiring maintenance). 
    • Participate in training arranged to support the implementation of this policy 
    • Engage with directors or workplace managers in consultation on any OHS issues or information. 
    • Cooperate in any return to work plan developed for injured staff. 

Monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements 

  • This policy will be reviewed each year and at other times if any significant new information or legislative or organisational change warrants a change in this document. 


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