12 Metre Warewash Modules

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Mobile Kitchens 30m² dishwashing modules are ideally suited for the support of larger food service operations with enough room for 5-6 stewards to work safely & efficiently. Subject to service style, length of time required and final equipment used, this sized kitchen can comfortably wash for up to 1200 meals per day. This kitchen is usually specified for:

  • Aged care facilities (generally up to about 250 residents)
  • Larger hotels & pubs
  • Event caterers
  • Mining camps
  • Sporting stadiums

Our design features include:

  • Full HVAC (Air conditioning & exhaust hood system)
  • Gas instant hot water system
  • Separate hand wash facilities
  • 3 sinks 
  • LED lighting
  • Safety exit lights
  • R12 non slip flooring
  • Insulated & easy clean impervious wall lining
  • Floor waste points
  • External servery for easy dish return
  • 2 access doors

Our standard 12m dishwasher modules come complete with the following equipment:

  • 120 racks per hour conveyer dishwasher (500mm Baskets)
  • Potwasher (800mm internal clearance)
  • Pass through dishwasher (500mm baskets)
  • Pre rinse sprays on all sinks
  • Basket wastes on all sinks
  • Autofeed chemical dispensers on all equipment

Customised Equipment Requirements

Our temporary warewash kitchens can have the washing equipment 
customised should you require, and also have the ability to easily join together with other modules to provide support to a larger kitchen complex.

Some of our clients include