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May 13, 2018

In April this year, Mobile Kitchens installed 10 modular kitchens across the Gold Coast, catering for the Commonwealth Games 2018. We were the only Australian temporary kitchen provider used at the Gold Coast.

Our facilities were used to serve thousands of meals per day to athletes and commonwealth games officials. Our team was given 6 months to source, convert and customise 10 modular containers into hotline kitchens, prep kitchens and kiosk/ retail stands. These facilities were then installed in the following locations:

  • Warner Brothers Studios: Boxing & Table Tennis
  • Coolangatta: Beach Volleyball
  • Southport: Aquatic Center
  • Athletes Village: Casual Dining and Smoothie Bars


Job Statistics

10 Modular Containers

4 Kitchens

10,000 Meals

6 Months Pre-planning

2 Weeks Installation

10 Days Operational



Due to the nature of the job, a certain level of customisation was required.

Externally - Containers were painted to match game colours, exterior awnings were attached for weather protection and service doors or were windows were attached to kiosks.

Internally - Full customisation of equipment in each module to suit its job requirements.

Mobile Kitchens at The Commonwealth Games 2018Mobile Kitchens at The Commonwealth Games 2018
January 5, 2018

Needing more space and faced with the only option of demolishing the existing kitchen facilities after speaking with other kitchen builders, Magic Millions approached Mobile Kitchens to discuss any potential options that may be available. After assessing the kitchen, Mobile Kitchens proposed a limited refit of the existing facilities, turning it predominantly into cold larder kitchen, with a small hot section to service the short order side of the kitchen. Mobile Kitchens then supplied two hot line kitchens that attached to the existing building. The cost savings when compared to other options, were huge, and there was very little down time of kitchen operations due to all construction carried out off site.

Magic Millions Upgrades With Mobile Kitchens
December 27, 2017

Needing to upgrade exisiting kitchen facilities, and still needing to service meal requirements for in patients, Mobile Kitchens supplied a temporary kitchen so operations could continue as normal.

Sunnybank Private Hospital, QLD
December 14, 2017

Main Event Catering has again asked Mobile Kitchens to provide temporary kitchen infrastructure during the Magic Millions horse sale event. Thousands of high quality meals per day are served to all buyers and their entourage, handlers and staff.

Main Event Catering for Magic Millions, QLDMain Event Catering for Magic Millions, QLD
December 13, 2017

Needing to feed hungry backpackers on their surfing road trip from Sydney to Byron Bay, and faced with a kitchen in Coffs Harbour that was falling apart, Mojo Surf contacted Mobile Kitchens to see what options we had, with a limited budget in mind. We suggested one of our ex rental kitchens which came in right on budget. Our 3 month warranty, offered with all ex rental kitchens, gave them piece of mind that what they were buying was still high quality and that Mobile Kitchens stands by its products.

Mojo Surf for Spot X Surf Camp, NSW
December 1, 2017
November 17, 2017

Located in Country NSW, Subsonic Music Festival needed a code complliant kitchen to offer retail food services for the festival goers.

Subsonic Music Festival, NSW
November 14, 2017

Armidale Hospital is undergoing a large renovation of their kitchen and as a result needed a large kitchen complex to service in patients in the public and private wards. Mobile Kitchens unique ability to join multiple modules together to form a large complex was paramount to the success of this project. With a total floor area of over 220m2, this is one of the larger temporary kitchens Mobile Kitchens has supplied.

APP Corporation for Armidale Hospital, NSWAPP Corporation for Armidale Hospital, NSW
November 8, 2017

Delmont Private Hospital, Melbourne, is currently undergoing a major refurbishment of their kitchen facilities used to cater for up to 100 in patients. Mobile Kitchens was asked to provide their new Multi Module Complex, which involved the joining of several modules together, providing superior work flow and working conditions when compared to other options available in the market.

JP Flynn Builders for Delmont Private Hospital, VICJP Flynn Builders for Delmont Private Hospital, VIC
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